Summer & Winter in Valle di Casies

As the ideal point of departure for pleasant strolls, excursions to the alpine dairy farms nearby (in season) and spectacular trips at higher altitude, your vacation home is a delightful destination all year round.

Hikers are offered a well-developed trekker’s paradise with a wide selection of well-marked trails in the most marvellous mountain landscape imaginable.

The Santa Maddalena ski lift lies only 600 meters from the holiday farmhouse. 40 km of perfectly groomed slopes are just 50 m away.

On arrival you receive a “Holidaypass”, which allows you to use every public transport in South Tyrol and various discounts.


Beautiful mountain landscapeSunset in Val Casies


  • ast Val Casies, surrounded by its marvellous peaks
  • a breathtakingly starry sky on a clear night
  • extraordinary fauna


Hiking in Val CasiesWinter at the Waldsamerhof


  • the relaxing burbling of the Tscharniet Stream flowing behind the farmstead
  • winter’s silence
  • the rustling of summer straw in the wind
  • twittering birds at dawn
Alpine cabin in Val CasiesAlpine barn in Val Casies


  • the warmth of the sun on your skin and the delicious freshness of the breeze
  • the pleasant softness of the meadows and the woodlands
Herb garden of the WaldsamerhofDairy products from milk at the Waldsamerhof


  • refreshingly clear spring water
  • the incomparable flavour of fresh milk and natural products